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Recorder to Randoseru was alright! It was cute and really adorable, and the episodes were only 5 minutes long so they were a quick watch. I’ll be watching the second season that starts right after the first, so I must have enjoyed it!

Recorder to Randoseru is about the everyday lives of siblings Atsumi and Atsushi Miyagawa. Except… Atsumi is a high school girl and looks like an elementary school girl, and Atsushi is a elementary school boy and looks like an adult man! Hilarity ensues.

The idea of the story is really clever I think! We always get the weird loli high school character, so why can’t we have an adult looking elementary school student? And let’s make that person a boy and make him wear a trench coat so people think he’s a pervert. I actually really love it.

The animation is on the same level of Morita-san wa Mukuchi, kind of low budget but still decent enough for the characters to actually show movement.

If you like some gag comedy then I would suggest Recorder to Randoseru! The jokes get a little old, but the story gets a few interesting “storylines” which I’ll be really excited to see continue in the next season. The episodes are only 5 minutes, so it’s not like it would be hard to marathong it!

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